Broker Guide

Broker Connection

For Whispertrades to automatically execute trades for you, a link or connection must be established between your Whispertrades account and your brokerage account. This connection is made once from your Whispertrades account. Whispertrades will send you to a login form for TD Ameritrade where they will verify your username and password and then establish the link to Whispertrades which will allow us to execute trades on your behalf.

Brokerage Permissions

Account and Portfolio Visibility

Whispertrades will be able to view your account balances, recent transfers, current positions, and transaction history. Some of this information is necessary and used by Whispertrades to enable autotrading. Some of it is not used by Whispertrades, but it is granted permission by the connection with your brokerage account.

Trade Execution

Whispertrades will have the ability to execute any and all trades on your behalf which the broker will allow. It is our intention to only execute trades configured by your bot, but permission is granted by your brokerage to execute any trades.

Fund Transfers

There is some verbiage on the page where you link your brokerage account to Whispertrades that suggests Whispertrades can transfer funds within your account, but this is not the case. Whispertrades is unable to transfer funds to or from your account

Trade Execution Accuracy

While it is our intention to only execute trades as defined by your bots, we are unable to guarantee 100% accuracy or reliability while executing trades on your behalf. Problems can arise due to the Whispertrades platform, the brokerage platform, and/or your bot configuration. We will do everything within our power to ensure an accurate and reliable platform.

Brokerage Security

Brokerage Account Access

The Whispertrades platform will have access to your brokerage account, but no Whispertrades staff member will have such access. Trades can only be executed by our autotrader and not by support staff.

Data Access

For support purposes, Whispertrades staff members do have access to view your brokerage account positions and transaction history as collected and stored by the Whispertrades autotrader. This information is stored and accessed in a secure manner and only when necessary. It is not provided to any third-parties. We monitor data access to ensure that only authorized parties are granted access.

Data Storage

Sensitive data is stored in a secure and encrypted format using industry standards. We only store sensitive information if it is necessary to operate our platform. You can request, at any time, for your data to be permanently removed from the Whispertrades platform.

How to Establish a Broker Connection

To establish a connection with your brokerage account, click on Brokers from your account navigation.

Proceed through the login steps until you are returned to Whispertrades where you will see your brokerage account number listed with a green "Active" status (seen in the screenshot below). If you do not end up on this screen with your brokerage account number, then the connection process did not work. Try again, and if you still have trouble, please submit a support ticket.

How to Remove a Broker Connection

If you wish to remove the connection between Whispertrades and your brokerage account, you may do that at any time from either Whispertrades and/or your brokerage account.

Remove Connection from Whispertrades

View the brokerage connection in Whispertrades and click the red "Disable Connection" button at the top right.

If you have any enabled bots that are currently using this connection, you will receive a warning informing you that removing the connection will disable any connected bots. Pay close attention to the bold text. This will cancel any working orders for these bots and remove the open positions from your Whispertrades account.

Once you disable the brokerage connection, Whispertrades will no longer be able to connect to this brokerage account. You can re-enable the connection later by viewing the brokerage connection in your Whispertrades account and clicking the new green "Enable Connection" button.

Remove Connection from TD Ameritrade

Log into your TD Ameritrade account and click on "Security settings" at the bottom of the page.

From there, click on "Sites and app access" and then remove "Whispertrades" from the list. One you remove the connection from your TD Ameritrade account, any attempts by Whispertrades to connect to your brokerage account will fail.

If you have an "Active" connection in your Whispertrades account with Enabled bots, those bots will try and connect to your account at TD Ameritrade and continue to fail if you have removed access from the TD Ameritrade side per the instructions above. To prevent connection failures, it is best to also disable the brokerage account connection and/or any enabled bots at Whispertrades by following the "Remove Connection from Whispertrades" instructions in the previous section.