Payment Guide

Payment Info

Whispertrades is a pay-as-you-go platform, although your account must be prefunded for bots to run. Each bot that you run is charged on a daily basis and only while it is active/enabled. We use a volume pricing plan, so the amount that you pay per bot will change based on how many active bots you have running (enabled) at the time.

Bot Count Daily Charge Monthly Charge
1 bot $1.10 per bot ~$23.10 per bot*
2-3 bots $0.95 per bot ~$19.95 per bot*
4-6 bots $0.85 per bot ~$17.85 per bot*
7-9 bots $0.80 per bot ~$16.80 per bot*
10+ bots $0.75 per bot ~$15.75 per bot*

* Monthly charge is an approximation based on the average number of trading days in a month. The monthly charge will change from month to month based on the number of days in that month.

Accepted Payment Methods

We use PayPal as our payment processor and accept all major debit, credit cards, and some alternative payment methods and wallets. If your card is not accepted or you would like to request an additional payment method, send us a message, and we can arrange alternative payment.

How Costs Are Applied

The charges above accrue at 10-minute intervals throughout the day. Every 10 minutes, while the market is open, your balance will receive a charge based on the number of bots that are currently enabled or soft disabled. You are not charged for disabled bots. This daily cost is spread evenly throughout the day only while the market is open and while your bot is enabled. If the market closes early or you disable your bot mid-day, that bot will not incur charges for the remainder of the day/session.

When Your Balance Reaches $0.00

We will send three warning emails if your balance is running low so that you have ample time to replenish before your bots automatically disable. These will go out when Whispertrades anticipates that your balance will reach $0 within 14, 7, and 3 days.

If your balance reaches $0.00, your bots will continue to run until the end of the current trading session, even if you are out of funds. Once the trading session closes, bot trading will be disabled for your account. We will not close any positions or remove position history. Should you decide to fund your account and start your bots again, you may do so, and the bots will pick up where they left off.