Modifying Open Positions Guide

Managing Open Positions

Refer to the following information to manage positions that are currently open by your bot.

Manually Close a Position

If you have a bot position open that you would like to immediately close, you may do so from your Whispertrades account. Never manually close a Whispertrades position directly from your brokerage account.

To close a current position from your Whispertrades account, view the bot position info, and click the red "Close Position" button at the top (only visible if the market is currently open):

You will then be prompted to confirm you wish to close. After you confirm, Whispertrades will immediately issue an order to close your position at the best available price. After the bot successfully closes the position, it'll immediately run and look for a new position if your bot allows a new position at that time of day. You do not have to wait until your next run interval.

Enter a New Closing Order

To enter a new closing order for a position that you currently have open, first ensure that you have defined your exit condition (ie: profit target) in your bot's configuration.

View your position information in Whispertrades and click "Enter Closing Order" at the top right of the page. This button will only be visible if the position is open, and the bot has a profit target percent configured for it!

You will then be prompted to confirm. Once you do confirm, your bot will submit a new closing order for your defined profit target percent and cancel prior orders should there be any.

Adjust Price for Closing Order

You can change the price for a Whispertrades closing order by viewing the order in your Whispertrades account, adjusting the price on screen, and clicking "Cancel & Replace". This will cancel your current order and place a new order with your specified price. This is only available for working closing orders.