Whispertrades Roadmap

The following page lists ideas that are currently: Planned, Under Consideration, or Excluded. Some of the Planned tasks have an estimated availability date while others do not. This roadmap will frequently change, and changes could involve Planned tasks becoming Excluded and vice-versa. Roadmap items with no Estimated Availability date are listed in no particular order. The bottom of the page also lists newly implemented features.

If you have any specific requests that are not listed on this page, feel free to reach out.


Feature Description Est. Availability
Backtesting New backtesting suite to allow intraday backtesting on select tickers at 1-minute intervals June 2022
Dollar Amount Exit Condition Allow exit conditions for an exact dollar amount (limit price) rather than percentage of premium collected. -
Paper Trade Bots Create bots within your Whispertrades account that will simulate trades using real market data and quotes, without actually entering those trades through your brokerage account. -
Re-assign Closed Position to Another Bot -
Optional 'Brokerage Fee' Setting for a Bot Account for this fee in position history and performance reports -
Long Options -
Strangles & Straddles -
Iron Condors & Butterflies -
Change Kill Switch to Disable on Close The kill switch currently disables trading for your WT account (top right toggle on your account pages). The kill switch should be modified to treat all bots as 'Disable on Close' so that existing positions/orders are managed until all positions close. -
SMS Notifications Allow optional SMS text notifications as an alternative to existing Email notifications -
Website Notifications Allow optional website notifications as an alternative to existing Email notifications -
Date Ranges for Reports Allow custom date ranges for any performance reports and/or charts. -
Bot Tags to Be Used for Filters and Groupings -
Mark Notifications as 'Read' Add ability to delete, dismiss, or mark read error notifications so that they no longer highlight in red on the dashboard and bot screens. -
Close All Positions Add functionality that will close all bot positions and disable all bots. -
Week/Month/Year Toggles on Charts -
Add 'Convert Naked to Spread' Adjustment Inputs would be Days to Expiration, Adjustment Time, and either Target Premium or Spread Width for long strike selection -
Add Current Bid/Ask to Working Orders Consider adding behind clickable "i" icon as to not crowd the screen -
Add Insufficient Buying Power Notification Add new bot notification when an order is rejected due to insufficient buying power -
Bot Warnings vs Errors Categorize what are now bot errors as either errors or warnings based on severity. Add optional bot notification when an error is encountered. -
Automatically Disable Bot After x Errors Once the above feature (Bot Warnings vs Errors) is implemented, modify bots to automatically disable if x errors are encountered in one day. This may or may not be configurable by bot. -
Bot or Position Notional Held and Leverage Include statistic for each bot and/or position that shows notional held and leverage vs NLV for that individual bot/position. -
Manual Enter Second Position Enter second position on demand rather than scheduled via adjustment -

Under Consideration

Feature Description
Tastyworks We are in early discussion with Tastyworks on integration
TradeStation A broker with an API that appears to be compatible with Whispertrades
WT API with IFTT, Zapier, or Integration Create a WT API with endpoints that can be hit from external automation tools
Account Trade Log Pull in all trades from connected brokerage account (including those not initiated by Whispertrades) for tracking and performance reports
Time-Based Entries Enter a new trade at a specific day of week, time of day, and/or day of the month
Enter/Exit Based on Market Condition Enter or exit when underlying symbol is at a certain price or down a certain percentage on the day. Add VIX price level as well.
Separate Profit Targets per Position Leg For positions that have multiple legs (spreads, strangles, condors, butterflies), allow profit targets per leg. Do not open a new position until all legs are closed.
Optional Setting to Round Up or Down for % Bot Allocation When allocating to a bot based on Percent of Portfolio, Whispertrades will currently take your available account balance, divide that by 20% notional for the contract, and round this to the nearest whole number. This change would add a setting to force the bot to always round up or down instead of to the nearest number.
Spread Width Based on Delta Rather than specify spread width based on points/size, allow a target delta for the long strike
Referral Program
Synchronize Broker Order with Bot In the event that a user mistakenly cancels a bot order directly in their brokerage account, provide means to direct a bot to the new/correct order from the Whispertrades side.
Manual Partial Close Add ability to close part of a position rather than the full position.
Trailing Stops Either entered as soon as a position is opened, or entered when a certain profit % is hit.


Feature Reason
E*TRADE Integration Their API requires that the user log in once every 30 days, else the connection is lost. This is a limitation that Whispertrades is unable to accept.
Fidelity Integration No available API
Interactive Brokers Integration Their API does not seem to offer what we need, but we may reach out in the future to see if there is a way around current restrictions
Tradier Integration No portfolio margin and steep 25-50% margin requirements for common shares and naked options
/ES Support Futures are not available via our brokerage APIs
Bots for Common Shares
Mobile App
Push Notifications
Current Market Conditions Whispertrades is not licensed to provide real-time market data
Change Bot Type while Running Bots must be disabled in order to change the type (ie: Short Put to Put Credit Spread). There are too many assumptions and dependencies to change bot type for an active bot.
Extended Hours Trading Liquidity is not reliable enough to automate trading during extended hours.
Delete Inactive Broker Connection Add ability to delete inactive broker connection. Need to consider any prior bots, positions, and balance history tied to that broker connection.
Synchronize Chart Colors with Bot Colors Currently, performance chart colors use randomly selected colors for each bot. Determine if it's possible for chart colors to match user-defined bot colors.
View Performance by Broker Connection


Feature Description Available
Bot Volume Pricing Move from a fixed price per bot, per day, to different rates based on number of bots running. May 2nd, 2022
Faster Stop Losses Reduced time that it takes before confirming a stop and executing the stop. This will reduce variance between configured stop and actual stop fills. May 2nd, 2022
Automatically Adjust Spread BTC Long Strike Spread bots instructed to include the long strike with closing orders will monitor market conditions throughout the day and automatically add and remove the long strike from the closing order based on presence or lack of a bid on the long strike. April 27, 2022
Two-Factor Authentication Optional two-factor authentication under User --> Security April 13, 2022
All Bots Performance By Year Add performance by year and month for all bots together just like what's done today on each individual bot's performance page. March 15, 2022
Exit Position at Certain Delta December 21, 2021
Exit Position at Certain % ITM December 21, 2021
Added Current Delta Next to Position December 16, 2021
Automatically Reload Whispertrades Balance Rather than require that Whispertrades balances be manually loaded, offer the ability to configure a recurring payment schedule to maintain a positive balance. December 7, 2021
Add Dollar Gain to Bot Year/Month Performance Added total dollar gain to bot's year and month breakdown on the bot's performance page. This is not visible on mobile or small screens. November 24, 2021
Change Close on Exp. Day to Close Position Early Change the current 'Close on Expiration Day' adjustment condition to close at a specified number of days to expiration (can be 0) rather than always on expiration day. November 23, 2021
Add Premium Collected Stats Add Premium Collected $, Premium Retained $, and Premium Retained % to bot performance stats November 23, 2021
Total Account Return % Add chart to account dashboard that shows account return for all bots combined against a user-defined underlying. November 22, 2021
Change Cancel Closing Order to Cancel at DTE Change the current 'Cancel Closing Order' adjustment condition to cancel at a specified number of days to expiration (can be 0) rather than every day. November 22, 2021
Improve Bot Navigation Add dropdown at top of all bot pages to make it easier to switch between bots while viewing a particular bot tab/page November 16, 2021
Configurable Dashboard Key Metrics Added more metrics at the top of the dashboard screen, with the ability for each user to change and configure these for their own account. November 10, 2021
Target Price for Long Strike on Spreads Instead of using a defined, static width for spreads, add the ability to specify target price/premium for the long strike instead. This also includes optional minimum and maximum widths for the spread as well. November 5, 2021
Bot Performance vs Underlying Added underlying performance percent to bot performance tab October 26, 2021
Add "Enter Second Position" Adjustment Add new adjustment option to enter a second position when still holding an open position. Parameters for this adjustment include Days to Expiration and Adjustment Time of Day. These are used to determine at which point relative to your current position should the bot open a second position. October 20, 2021
Stop Loss for Exit Condition October 20, 2021
Configurable Price Fill Settings Added 'Patient', 'Normal', and 'Aggressive' bot setting to determine quickness at which bots chase prices for order entry October 8, 2021
Added Bot Activity Panel to Mobile Dashboard Added popout sidebar with recent bot activity to mobile screens October 8, 2021
Collapse Dashboard Sidebar Add ability to collapse or hide the 'Bot Activity' sidebar on the dashboard October 8, 2021
Export Bot Year and Month Performance Add export to CSV button for bot's year and month performance numbers October 5, 2021
Add Bot Performance by Year & Month Added bot return and drawdown performance by year and month to the bot performance page September 28, 2021
Add Bot vs Underlying Chart Add new bot chart that shows bot return compared to underlying return September 24, 2021
Cancel Closing Order Cancel closing order that is currently working September 24, 2021
Open Position Monitoring Alerts Add optional notifications when an open position goes ITM or reaches certain delta, DTE, or profit/loss percentage September 15, 2021
Add Optional Min and Max Delta to Bot Entry Condition September 3, 2021
Display Bot Errors Display recent errors a bot may have received on the bot overview screen August 25, 2021
Equity Curve for Entire Account Display equity curve on Dashboard for all bots since first using Whispertrades August 18, 2021
Equity Curve for Multiple Bots Combined Display equity curve for recently active bots on Performance page August 18, 2021
Account Balances on Dashboard Show Net Liquidation Value, Amount Allocated, and Open P/L from Whispertrades bots to the account dashboard August 18, 2021
Added Current P/L to Open Positions Added current P/L to Open Positions on both the Dashboard and Position pages August 18, 2021
Export Performance Page to CSV August 18, 2021
Added Target and Actual Delta to Position History August 14, 2021
Added Bid and Ask to Order Submission Log Add current bid/ask quotes to the list of submissions for a given order August 14, 2021
Add Bot Performance Charts Add a performance chart that tracks a bot's equity return/curve over time August 12, 2021
Export Positions to CSV August 5, 2021
Enter New Closing Order for Position Added 'Enter Closing Order' button to view position page to enter a new closing order for a position that does not currently have one. August 5, 2021
Added More Bot Stats Added Average Win, Loss, and Profit to bot performance stats August 5, 2021
Added Bot Performance Stats Added the following to bot performance page: YTD Return, Current Drawdown, Max Drawdown, Average Annual Return, Average Risk per Trade July 29, 2021
Performance Page with All Bots Display high level performance stats for all bots on one page July 29, 2021
YTD Spend for Account & Individual Bots July 24, 2021
New Pay-As-You-Go Process Rather than charge bots per run, adjustment, and fill, charge all bots a flat $0.80 per day and run all bots at 1-minute intervals. July 19, 2021
Check for Bid Before Entering BTC Spread Before entering a closing order for a credit spread, the bot will check and make sure the long strike has a bid/buyer. If there is a bid/buyer, a full vertical order will be entered. If there is no bid/buyer for the long strike, the bot will enter a single order for just the short strike instead. This ensures that BTC spread orders are not entered that may never fill. July 13, 2021
Add Earliest Entry Time of Day to Entry Conditions This works similarly to the existing "Latest Entry Time of Day" condition, but in the opposite direction. July 12, 2021
Delete Bot July 6, 2021
Do Not Run Bot if Beyond Latest Entry If a bot has a 'Latest Entry Time' set for its Entry Condition, do not run the bot and check closing orders after that time since it will not enter a new position during the current session anyways. June 29, 2021
Allow Trading from Multiple Linked Brokerage Accounts If you have multiple accounts with your broker, such as a taxable account and an IRA, you can link all of them to a single Whispertrades account and configure separate bots for your brokerage accounts. June 28, 2021
Added Current Positions to Broker Page Added an account page where you can view your brokerage connection(s). This page will list account balance and all positions currently held in the connected brokerage account. June 23, 2021
Check for Late Order Fills Run bots at 4:20 ET daily to check for any order fills that occurred after end of the regular market session. June 23, 2021
Add Bot Color to Positions Page June 19, 2021
Delete Closed Position from Bot Manually delete previous positions stored against a bot in the event that you were testing bots and don't want to keep certain positions in your bot history. June 19, 2021
VIX, RUT, NDX Support June 11, 2021
Call Credit Spreads June 8, 2021
Add 4 and 7-minute Run Intervals Added new choices for 4 and 7-minute run intervals for bots June 1, 2021
Website Dark Mode Display in a dark theme when your operating system is set to Dark Mode. Allow user override via settings. May 24, 2021
Clone Bot Create a new bot based on an existing bot May 21, 2021
Convert Latest Entry Time & Adjustment Time Dropdown to User's Timezone The dropdown box when configuring timed entries and adjustments previously assumed to be US Eastern Time, even if the user's Whispertrades account used a different timezone. Those time values in the dropdown now reflect the user's local timezone. May 6, 2021
Add More Metrics to Position History Added new values to position history: Position legs, underlying price at entry and exit, VIX price at entry and exit, starting balance, and ending balance. May 1, 2021
Added Latest Time of Day Entry Condition Added a new optional setting for bot entry conditions to define the latest time of day to enter a new position. April 21, 2021
Modify Closing Order Price Added the ability to change the price of a closing order that is currently running. This can be done from the "view order" screen in your Whispertrades account. April 21, 2021
Expanded Supported Symbols Added support for about 50 new liquid ETF and stock options April 19, 2021
SPY Support April 14, 2021
Manually Close Bot Position Added 'Close Position' button to position screen which will immediately enter a closing order for that position at the best available price. April 12, 2021
Display Order Fill Details Added individual order fill executions to the view order screen. This will show if and when you got partial fills. April 7, 2021
Bot Allocation by Number of Contracts Allow bot allocation by fixed number of contracts instead of portfolio percentage March 31, 2021