Welcome to Whispertrades

Whispertrades is a configurable and fully-automated trading platform designed for options traders. You control everything via the Whispertrades website, and it requires no software or technical knowledge from you. This is a pay-as-you go platform, so you'll only pay for the autotrading bot(s) that you set up. You can stop and pause payment at any time.

Whispertrades is not a registered brokerage firm or investment/financial advisor. Whispertrades does not manage or hold your money, and we do not make or advise financial decisions on your behalf. We simply provide a platform to connect to your existing brokerage account, after which you define trading strategies for Whispertrades to execute for you.

How it Works

Whispertrades allows TD Ameritrade customers the ability to configure a bot, or multiple bots, to automatically execute their trading strategy on their behalf.

After creating your Whispertrades account, you can connect your Whispertrades account to your existing TD Ameritrade account using a TD Ameritrade login form. Your credentials are verified by TD Ameritrade and not seen or stored by Whispertrades. Once TD Ameritrade verifies your login, a connection is established between TD Ameritrade and Whispertrades that allows Whispertrades to execute trades through your TD Ameritrade account, but only as you define.

You can set up a Whispertrades bot, or multiple bots, to run during market hours. The bot(s) will monitor option chains and positions for you and put trades on and off based on your criteria. This is a hands-off approach for you, but you'll also have full visibility of what the bot is doing along the way.

Take a look around in the guide navigation at the left to learn more about what Whispertrades has to offer.