Automated options trading

Hook directly into your existing brokerage account and let our bots automatically execute your trading strategies for you. Only pay for the bots that you use, while you are using them - no monthly or long-term commitments!

We make trade automation easy and accessible

Automated trading at a price you can afford

With active options trading becoming more popular and affordable, it's time to make it easier as well. If you follow an options strategy with mechanical rules, you can automate its execution by leveraging our bots.

Easy to use

Our bots require no software and no programming! You drive everything from our simple web interface, accessible worldwide on any device with an internet connection.

Performance monitoring

When your bots trade, you'll see the results immediately in your Whispertrades account. This includes detailed trade logs, performance charting, and comparisons against market benchmarks.

Fast execution

Speed matters! Don't sit around and wait for a slow bot to react. Our bots monitor your trades non-stop, all day long and can probably react to market conditions faster than you can yourself!

Enterprise-grade security

The security of your investments is of the utmost importance, and that is why we use multiple layers of protection and follow best practices to protect your account and your data.

You maintain complete control over the bots while they are working, including visibility of what they are doing from both the Whispertrades platform and also your brokerage account.

With 99.9% uptime and industry-standard security, rest well knowing that your investments are in good hands.

Launch date
March 2021
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